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Clean Boating Course

An overview of clean boating practices. Choose this course if your state isn't listed below. More states coming soon!

Clean Boating Course - Massachusetts

An overview of clean boating practices tailored to the waterways of the state of Massachusetts.

Clean Boating Course - New Jersey

An overview of clean boating practices tailored to the waterways of the state of New Jersey.

Clean Boating Course - North Carolina

An overview of clean boating practices tailored to the waterways of the state of North Carolina.

Clean Boating Course - Texas

An overview of clean boating practices tailored to the waterways of the state of Texas.

Modern Marine Navigation

In this course you will learn the basics of plotting, reading charts, identifying ATONs and using them to find your way on the water, as well as an introduction to electronic navigation.

Offshore Sailing School's Learn To Sail

The Colgate Offshore Sailing School Learn to Sail course starts with sailing basics and takes you through the intermediate level. Available for a limited time at the introductory price of $55.

Oil Spill Prevention and Response for Marina Staff

This course aims to teach marina staff about the simple steps they can take to prevent, plan for and respond to fuel and oil spills at their marina. While the course is geared toward new and seasonal staff, all marina staff can benefit. This course was produced by The BoatU.S. Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water and was funded by a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Sailing Lingo

In this mini-course you'll explore some of the jargon and specialized terms unique to sailing beginning with the basic parts of the boat like port and starboard. You'll also learn the terms for parts of the sail, points of sail and some basics of sail trim.

Crew at the Helm ~ Key Skills Your Crew Needs To Know

Become more confident with anchoring, docking, signaling handling, emergencies, first aid and much more. Learn essential information on how to assist in the safe operation of your boat.

Cruising Boats and Systems ~ Choose and equip your boat

Are you a boater with the cruising bug? A new seminar from America’s Boating Club and BoatUS Foundation, Cruising Boats & Systems will guide your trip preparations and help you plan you plan it all out.

Boating on Rivers, Locks and Lakes ~ Navigating Inland Waterways and Locks with Confidence

Learn what you must know to boat on our inland waterways with confidence and increase your fun on the water.Created in partnership with the US Power Squadrons, this course will teach boaters the ins and outs of inland boating, from reading a river to navigating locks to boating near dams. Members of the US Power Squadrons, US Coast Guard Auxiliary and Great Lakes Club are eligible for discounts in this course. Cost: Members - $31.60 Non-members - $40.00

Weather for Boaters ~ A Boater's Guide to Forecasting, Winds and Storms

Have you ever had the weather ruin your weekend on the water? What if you could anticipate the weather changes and understand what your observations really mean? From learning to recognize the early signs of changing weather to the basics of understanding storms, squalls, fog and wind shifts - our newest course from the United States Power Squadrons course will help you to make an informed decision about weather to go or stay.

Hurricane Preparation for Boaters ~ Protect Your Boat from the Next Big One: Storms, Floods and Wind

Hurricanes bring extreme weather conditions that can damage or destroy your boat. This seminar will teach you ways to protect your boat from the ravages of wind, waves, torrential rain, tidal surges and high water. Learn how to create a hurricane plan, secure your boat before the storm hits and much more!

All About Marine Radio ~ Choosing and Using a VHF Radio for Your Boat

Marine radios provide boaters the most effective and reliable communication when on the water. This course will teach you how to choose the proper Marine VHF radio for your boating style and give you the confidence to operate it effectively.

Planning Your Cruise ~ Boating Beyond the Day Trip

Are you finally ready to take that epic long distance cruise but don't know where to start? Start Here! The United States Power Squadron presents - Planning Your Cruise. The 2nd installment of a 3 part series on cruise planning. This seminar will give you all of the basic knowledge & skills necessary to prepare for your first voyage or act as a refresher for more seasoned cruisers. Don't let the dream slip by; start your greatest adventure today with Planning Your Cruise!

How to Use GPS ~ A Boater's Guide to Electronic Navigation

Global Positioning System (GPS) provides boaters with the best and most reliable location and position information when on the water, and modern marine GPS offers chart plotting and other features that aid boaters in planning and navigation. You will learn to interpret location information and tracking data readable on typical GPS screens. The course also provides an overview of how GPS can integrate with many of the electronic systems already on your boat.

AIS Electronics for Boaters ~ See and Be Seen on the Water

Automatic Identification System electronics aren’t just for commercial vessels. Using AIS can help you navigate crowded waterways easily and safely. With AIS marine electronics onboard, you can identify potential dangers and quickly make decisions on the water. Many systems share your boat’s information with other boats so they can also make better, safer boating decisions.

Propane Systems on Your Boat ~ Safe operation, maintenance, and inspection

Propane and butane, also known as LPG, are the most common cooking fuels used on boats. While efficient, cost effective and widely available, these fuels can also be dangerous. This seminar explains boat propane systems, propane safety, and how to keep your boat and crew safe.
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