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Course CatalogCruising Boats and Systems ~ Choose and equip your boat

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Estimated Length: 2 hours
Cost: $30.00 (USD)
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Cruising Boats and Systems ~ Choose and equip your boat

Are you a boater with the cruising bug? A new seminar from America’s Boating Club and BoatUS Foundation, Cruising Boats & Systems will guide your trip preparations and help you plan you plan it all out. Having the right boat, systems and electronics can make cruising more enjoyable. This seminar outlines your options and helps you determine what is right for your type of cruising.

  • Should you buy a boat or charter a boat?
  • What kind of boat will you need?
  • How big should your boat be?
  • Should you buy a new or used boat?
  • What systems does your boat need?
  • How do you choose the electrical, water, and electronic systems needed?

Cruising Boats and Systems ~ Choose and equip your boat was developed by members of US Power Squadrons. Members of US Power Squadrons, of USCG Auxiliary, and of the Great Lakes Cruising Club are eligible for discounts on the course price.

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Retail Price: $30.00

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  1. Cruising Boats and sustems


  1. Cruising Boats and Systems
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